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Fuxing/Xiang yang complex,xu hui district,electronic plaza, 4th floor, 413 shop,


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Tel:13816592825(jack,engineer) 021-64286579 ADD:Fuxing/Xiang yang complex,xu hui district,electronic plaza, 4th floor, 413 shop(whole week,10:00AM--18:45PM) apple repair net when your macbook pro (including those models:895 ,896,133,134)no video problem happens(logic board hardware problem),and out of apple official warranty,we can help you repair logic board,only replace the damaged chips on the logic board,not replace the whole logic board,that will help you save much money and time! we can provide you apple hardware service with reliable and reasonable price!(many apple users have come to my office to have their macbook pro fixed and most of them are very satisfied with our service!) 1 when you press the power button,you can hear the post voice"dong",but the LCD does not display,that’s the logic board hardware problem. 2 when you press the power button,you can not hear the post voice"dong",the white light in front of your macbook pro is on, and the fans run fast,but the LCD dose not display,that’s the logic board hardware problem to,need hardware repair. we have advanced equipments to find out which chip has been damaged on your macbook pro logic board,and replace it quickly! 3 replacing apple macbook pro original LCD screen with reasonable price. 4 update memory and hard drive inside your macbook pro 5 replacing apple original case,new one

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Terrible experience with this company.

They had my iPod Touch 3G for 5 weeks (heaven knows what they were doing), but they couldn't even put it back together properly - the screen sat much higher than it should post-'repair'. More importantly, the new screen they installed stopped working almost immediately, and they broke the WiFi functionality on the iPod (it was working fine when I gave it to them). Their communications are also atrocious - don't let them tell you they will contact you!

When I tried to get my money back (and not even compensation for ruining my iPod), they told me it wasn't their fault, because they weren't trying to fix the WiFi. Go figure. They eventually offered a 50% refund on the price I had paid for the work done (my girlfriend collected the iPod, so I didn't get to test it on site), and seemed to think this highly reasonable because they thereby lost a small amount on the cost of the parts they installed..... Pray, tell me why you shouldn't lose money when you don't know what you're doing?!


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