Shimao Riviera Garden Pool

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1-2 Weifang Xi Lu


City Area:


near Pucheng Lu




Opening Hours:

Latest update: 05/20/2014 | Original poster: lingboli

Shimao Riviera Garden Pool Description

What completes an eight billion yuan apartment complex? An equally stunning pool, of course. If the Blade Runner architecture of Pudong gets you down, take a break from smog and city life with a refreshing dip. Zen never had it so good. RMB120.

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  • crazysnow
    1 review
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Visited on 08/03/2014


I agree! We were told only members are allowed, only to find after becoming members that they open to the public to get more cash! On a sunny day it is all packed with no place for little kids to play. The manager Jacky Wang is very rude and should be fired!


  • theannoyingtick
    25 reviews
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Visited on 06/15/2014


Been going to Shimao Riviera Garden Pool for the last couple of years.
They have deteriorated so badly since last summer till this year.
They charge high end prices for members and 120 rmb per person per day and 60 for kids.
I am a member but this year my membership will end and i will definitely not renew it.
1-The bathroom showers are discusting! the shower heads are rusting and have never been changed. The Shower door is also rusty and i battled to get out.
2-The pool floor tiles are all falling apart. The floor itself is missing many tiles and has not been repaired once. (what were they doing all winter?)
3-Upon entering the location there is a "foot wash basin", It is BLACK and hasn't been cleaned since day 1!
4-The beach sand has never been changed. It is full of sand mosquitos and all kinds of bugs. It smells bad and ruins the atmosphere.
5-They have a bar hut which doesn't serve bottled water and they close at 4 when the pool closes at 6.
This weekend was the last time that I will go there unless there is a big change in maintenance...
Will not recommend this pool to anyone!


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