Shouning Lu

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Closest subway is Metro Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu Station


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Less than ¥99 for two
Latest update: 03/19/2014

Shouning Lu Description

There’s nothing that quite captures a summertime in Shanghai like sweating over a steaming bowl of crayfish and ice-cold bottles of Suntory while perched on a tiny stool. For that quintessential Shanghai summer experience, there’s no better place than Shouning Lu. Shouning Lu is best visited at night, when chatty locals fill the narrow street with loud Shanghainese and young Chinese couples go on crayfish dates. Be careful on rainy nights, though, as the oily refuse covering the curbs can make it a slippery walk.

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  • maylinglai
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Double Yum! I trekked over after hearing about this endlessly from friends of mine. It was so worth it. I can't remember exactly which one I tried, but there is definitely one place that appears to lap in significantly more business than the others. While we were eating our crayfish, a few of the street vendors would come in and offer us sticks of food. The scallops and mushrooms were amazing; and you should save room for them.

Please note, you must eat the head, as most of the flavor and spiciness is there, rather than in the shrimp like body.

Also, this is an extremely messy meal. Although they give you gloves, only 1 of our party (moi) stuck to them. The rest, all were rid of the gloves within minutes. Incidentally, we brought a huge 40 sheet package of baby wipes which helped immensely in making our table the cleanest/neatest at the establishment. I highly recommended bringing these instead of depending on the dry napkins that the restaurant provides.


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