Pranaya Spa & Nail

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No.290 Jinyan Road

City Area:



Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 9am-10pm
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Pranaya Spa & Nail Description

“Because love begins in loving oneself” is the sentence with Pranaya Spa is presented, from the moment you step into it, the sentence is brought to live. “Every person has a different way of taking care of him/herself and this personal care moment is when we pay more attention in our needs and desires…this is what we want to offer in Pranaya: find out what makes you feel good and bring it to the next level of care and attention to make you feel that we also love you as you love yourself” says Pranaya managing directors team, Miss Ge and Miss Sun.

Pranaya Spa Century Park is positioned

as a destination day spa for guests

seeking a breather from hectic urban life.

There you would find spa experiences for

almost any budget.

The spa is housed in a three-story building on Jinyan Road, which was designed to be the leading cultural street in Pudong. The project was planned and presided over by the late famed artist Chen Yifei.

As you approach Pranaya, the faint smell of essential oils lingering in the street makes you start to unwind in anticipation. Upon entering the spa, you’ll completely escape Shanghai, as the Spa is decorated in a South East Asian style, complete with straw roofs over the stairs and antique South East Asian wood. The spa offers a cozy sanctuary and a total spa wellness experience with warm, friendly south-east Asian hospitality from the moment you step through its door.

Once you have selected your treatment, following or not the recommendation from one of the two multilingual receptionists (Japanese, Chinese and English language being spoken), which could take a while as there are spa rituals, body therapies, facial renewals, waxing, relaxing massages and hand and foot spas to choose from, you will be taken up a candle lit stairway to your personal suite, and here is where the real customized experience begins.

A lot of attention is given to customizing the package to your desires. Before you start, you’ll get to choose from different kinds of essential oils in order to enjoy a relaxing or an energizing massage. Once in the room, the masseuse will pay close attention to your needs and will adjust both the temperatures of the bed and the room upon request.

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