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Christmas Gifts: Suzhou Style

Wondering which Suzhou style gifts to buy for your friends and family this holiday season? We've got all the answers right here. Check out these fabulous Suzhou-themed gift ideas.



Tangpozi, or old-fashioned copper bed warmers, were once very common in Suzhou. Putting boiling water in a copper container and placing it in bed was the best way to keep warm in a bygone era. Nowadays, Tangpozi are gaining popularity again as a nostalgic memory for many Suzhounese. 

Where to buy:

1. Zhangxiaoquan Scissors Factory
Add: No 780 Shiquan Street
Price: 120 RMB -320RMB

2. Suzhou Haofengguang (Shantang street)
Add: No 180 Shantang Street
Price: RMB128

You can also buy it on Taobao. 

Suzhou Embroidery

Honored as “China’s Best Embroidery” and the “National Treasure of China," Suzhou embroidery boasts a history of more than 2500 years. It is known for its' “delicacy, exquisiteness, elegance and conciseness”. A piece of Suzhou embroidery was presented to the South Korean President, during President Xi Jinping’s first presidential visit to South Korea. Suzhou embroidery work includes everything from purses to scarfs. You can never go wrong with a silky gift.

Where to buy:

Available at many shops on Pinjiang Road, ShanTang street, Shiquan Jie and near the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

Price varies from RMB30 to RMB300, bargaining is a must.


Dongniang Wine

Dongniang wine, or osmanthus glutinous rice wine, is a kind of traditional rice wine from Suzhou. It is the part and parcel of the Winter Solstice which is more important than New Year’s Eve to the Suzhounese. With its osmanthus flavor and sweet taste, Dongniang wine is suitable for both young and old.

Dongniang wine is made only once a year, just before the Winter Solstice, which makes the wine more valuable. If you miss the chance to taste the wine this year, you have to wait another 12 months for your next chance. Fortunately, the Winter Solstice will be on 22 Dec this year. This means you still have a chance to grab a festive Suzhou drink. 

Where to buy:

Add: No 93 Gongxiang (near Guanqian street)
Price: RMB15 per bottle

Add: No 48 Pinjiang Road
Price: RMB38 per bottle

Biluochun Tea

Biluochun, one of China's most famous teas, comes from Suzhou. According to historical records, Biluochun Tea was very famous during the Sui and Tang dynasties. The tea has a smooth and mellow taste.

Where to buy:

Sanwanchang 三万昌

Add:No.452 Shiquan Street

Price: From RMB800 to RMB1800/0.5 kilogram

Kempinski Online Christmas Bazaar

Kempinski has moved its Christmas online this year, weather it’s handmade wood carving or creative handcraft made by Suzhou talents or handmade soap making workshop, simply scan the QR code below to select your favorite Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones.   

Got more ideas for Christmas gifts? Let us know in the comments below!


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I found mostly christmas gift ideas from http://www.xmaspresents.co/


Wow! Awesome this style is really great. It shows that Chinese are much addictive for gifts giving in their own matters. I am going to buy some for someone special.
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