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Late Night Food in Suzhou

Summer's here, and that means more late dinners and late nights out

Summer's here, and that means more late dinners and late nights out. Here's a list some of the restaurants or snack places that stay open past 11 pm and satisfy our midnight cravings.


Hot Pot

Hot pot is popular with everyone, no matter where they're from . Every major Asian country has some special hot pot dishes of its own. In China, the style of hot pot varies from area to area. You can choose from Sichuan hot pot, Chongqing hot pot, Beijing-style hot pot, Taiwan-style hot pot, earthenware hot pot, congee hot pot, and that's just for starters.


De Zhuan Huo Guo 德庄火锅

This hot pot brand started out in Chongqing. If you dip into the spicier side of the soup, expect a slightly numbing, burning sensation along with the spicy kick. 

If you prefer to get through a meal without your nose, eyes and mouth burning like a Sichuan bonfire, you can take your pick from the non-spicy side of the pot while your friends enjoy the spicier side. 

Open hours: till 4am.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅

Hai Di Lao is loved by customers for its over-the-top service first and foremost, and its food second. The idea that you can get your shoes shined, manicure done (for free) and challenge your friends to a board game all while waiting in line amazes even locals. To top it all off, it's open 24 hours a day; the doors are never locked. 

Open hours: 24hours

Lu Ji Taiwan Hot Pot 卢记台湾火锅

Taiwan style hot pot has a lighter flavor than its Sichuan cousin. This establishment is rightly proud of its hot pot broth. The signature meat balls are also a must try. And don't forget to order the refreshing iced sour plum juice.

Open hours: till 2am

A Pan Bone Soup 阿潘骨头汤

This restaurant stews large pork bones for hours to make their ivory-colored hot pot broth. After enjoying a bowl of the soup, add meat and vegetables into the pot to cook. A meal at A Pan Bone Soup is comforting, healthy and full of flavor. 

Open hours: till 4am

Other Chinese Options

Shijiyuan Barbecue 世纪缘烧烤

Barbecue? Sounds good. All-you-can-eat barbecue? AWESOME! Barbecue is one of the top choices in Suzhou when it comes to late night food. Devour your pick of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables on bamboo/metal sticks and wash it all down with some cold beer. 

Open hours: till midnight

Find it: 753 Shiquan Street (Near The Bookworm)

Feng Hui Yuan 丰惠源

With two new branches in the SIP and one branch in downtown, Feng Hui Yuan is well known for its delicious Xinjiang lamb. At night the place serves great BBQ food. 

Open hours: till 4am

Yang Yang Dumplings 洋洋饺子馆

Yang Yang might be known for its Chinese dumplings, however it is also a good place to grab food options from all over China. 

Open hours: till 1am

Wawajiao Dry Pot 哇哇叫干锅

Dry pot is a dish served in a large bowl that can feed at least two to three people.  It has just enough oil to simmer the ingredients and meld whatever flavors are tossed into the pot. The highlight of every dry pot dish is the bullfrog which is thrown in first and fried, then simmered along with other vegetables such as lotus, celtuce (lettuce root) and sweet potato chips. 

Bullfrog is in fact very delicious and not as intimidating as it seems. It is usually very tender, with the texture somewhere between fish and chicken. 

While bullfrog is most recommended, shrimp dry pot and chicken wing dry pot are also available.

Open hours: till 3am

Yun-Gei Cantonese Restaurant 润记

When people in other countries think of Chinese food, they often think of Cantonese cuisine. Due to the number of emigrants from Guangdong and Hong Kong, Cantonese food is well-known outside  China.

Cantonese food is also popular across China. This is no surprise when you consider the range of healthy and delicious dishes including dim sum, wonton noodles, beef chow fun, deep-fried marinated pigeon, char siu, roast goose, roast pork and more. 

Open hours: till 2am

A Taste of Japan

Izakayas are perfect places for late-night dining and drinking with friends. The design of the establishment is very intimate and the environment is slow paced. Have a relaxing time over the wide variety of menu items featuring sashimi, sushi, noodles, dumplings and more.

Recommended places to go: Suzhou New District Business Street/Japanese Street

Reason: There are numerous Japanese restaurants on this street, many of which are open late. 

Open hours: till late


Late-Night Food Street

How about some food street adventures? Suzhou's dining streets are lined with eateries and food vendors serving a wide range of cheap and authentic Chinese food. You'll discover everything from rice noodles, Chinese barbecue, Sichuan cuisine, wontons, beef soup, Shanxi snacks to Korean dishes, pastries, crayfish and more.


Recommended food streets:

Xueshi Street 学士街

Address: 400 metres west of Yangyuxiang subway station, exit 3.

Houzhuang 后庄

Address: Moye Road, 300 metres east of Xiangmen subway station.

Zhuangxianwan 庄先湾

Address: Zhuangxianwang Road (near Donghuan Road)

Shangtang Street 上塘街

Address: Shangtang Street, Shilu Area (near Shantang Street)

Pishi Street 皮市街

Address: 500 metres north of Guanqian Street (walk along the alley west of KFC on Guanqian Street)


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