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Most Beautiful Streets in Suzhou

The streets you just have to walk down

Suzhou downtown is best explored on foot - so we come up with a list of the most unmissable streets in Suzhou: 


Pingjiang Road 平江路

Despite being touristy, it's a must stroll in Suzhou. For many centuries, Pingjiang Road has been a center of Suzhou's cultural life. The street is lined with tea houses and local opera theaters. Don't miss the Pingtang Museum and Kunqu Opera Museum in a small alley just off the road. 


Shangtai Street 山塘街

You may have heard about the book Dream of the Red Chamber. Shantang Street is mentioned several times in this Chinese classic literature, indicating its importance in Suzhou culture. Under the moonlight, red lanterns decorated on its buildings make the whole scenery more intriguing.


Taohuawu Dajie 桃花坞大街

It is famous for wood-engraved pictures and the former residence of Tang Yin, one of the most talented artists and poets in Ming Dynasty. A stroll along the street and you will encounter many wood-carving studios and artists. 


Jingde Road 景德路

It's a street with a few hidden gardens including the Huanxiu  Mountain Villa. Yipu Garden is also nearby. Suzhou Embroidery Museum is worth exploring here.


Shiquan Street 十全街

It is a typical combination between modernity and tradition. Take the tranquil street along the canal just off the main street.  


Xuanqiao Lane 悬桥巷

In the east of old district, Xuanqiao Lane is close to Pingjiang Road but is never as popular. This, in a way, contributes to its own beauty. 


Fengmeng Hengjie 葑门横街

This is a perfect street to experience Suzhou local life where you get a taste of the lively market and tasty street snacks.  


Dinghuisi Lane 定慧寺巷

Connecting Wuwang Street and Fenghua Street, this lane is named after the temple on this street: Dinghui Temple, a recently constructed temple on the site of a Tang Dynasty temple. Little more than two huge 300 year-old Ginkgo trees and some stone pillar bases remain from the original complex after it was demolished.


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