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The Dish: A Wishlist For 2018

The Dish columnist and chef Christopher Pitts' wishlist for 2018. 

The Dish: Shanghai's F&B Year in Review 2017

A look at some of the biggest news stories in Shanghai F&B over the past year.

Reviewing The Reviews: How Do the Star Ratings Work?

How are we supposed to know to trust a four-star review of the latest sandwich shop or a celebrity chef restaurant?

The Dish: How To Pick Restaurants When Traveling

A few hacks on how to maximize your chances on finding the best restaurants while on holiday.

The Dish: Better Get Used To Restaurants in Malls

The latest Shanghai food and drink industry column—why restaurants and bars are moving into malls. 

The Dish: Are Sponsorships Charity or Freebies?

Restaurants can't run on good intentions alone.

The Dish: Children in Restaurants

When you bring your kids out for dinner, be considerate. 

The Dish: The Franck Concession

Commentary on the aftermath of the Farine scandal. Should Franck Pecol step up?

The Dish: Copy Pasting Restaurant Concepts

An industry expert's insight on the dining scene in Shanghai: Should we be introducing new trends or following the lead?

The Dish: What Does "Soft Opening" Mean?

Can someone please explain to me what a “soft opening” is, and why I should care?


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