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Q&A: From A Chinese Jail—A Firsthand Account

A visa overstay may seem to you a minor infraction, but make no mistake, this is something the government takes seriously—with jail time. This is one expat's experience of Chinese jail. 

Feel Good Fitness Gym Now on Dagu Lu

Merging the glitz of Shanghai nightclubs and the graft of intense physical workouts, one-and-a-ha

Shanghai’s Largest Indoor Beer Festival This December

Shanghai International Beer Festival is rolling out Beernanza, dubbing it the first and largest i

Guide to The Most Irresistible Oyster Deals in Shanghai

Suitable for any occasion, be it a date night indulgence or satisfying an inexplicable craving, o

News: Oyster Brunch & Dinner Special at Liquid Laundry

Incoming weekend typhoon got you down? Here's some good news to cheer you up,

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